After years of working individually in private practice I aspired to help more people than I could on my own. In 2016 I launched Elizabeth Cohen and Associates, a group practice dedicated to helping clients learn, heal and grow so they can find the vitality they deserve. As the director it is essential to me to be  intimately involved in all session and treatment planning. Clients and my associates benefit from my expertise and deep knowing. When you work with us you feel taken care of, encouraged and supported.


My associates and I strive to provide all clients with the best clinical care within a caring and supportive environment.

Stacey Rhodes, LCSW

Stacey Fechter supports her clients with Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness techniques within a supportive and encouraging environment.  She believes in her clients capacity to grow and she’s with them all the way.

Stacey previously worked at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital. In addition to her excellent clinical skills she also has experience collaborating with schools, families and the external systems that support families.

Stacey received her MSW from NYU School of Social Work.

Katie Jacobi, MHC

Katie aims to help her clients become competent and self-sufficient in their abilities to manage their lives using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach mixed with practical mindfulness techniques. She provides a safe, nonjudgmental space where healthy thinking and coping skills can be cultivated-enabling clients to not just survive, but to truly begin to thrive. She engages in active listening and direct feedback with clients to nurture and support the therapeutic relationship necessary for growth and change. The approach she takes to therapy is collaborative, conversational, and creative. She strives to hold a safe, warm, and empathic environment where the space for growth becomes infinite, and the thoughts limiting expansion are called into question. She can’t wait to work with you on this journey towards creating and fostering the life of your dreams, and will be an advocate and cheerleader for you along the way!