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    Your Article Opened a Conversation!

    “Your article on lawnmower parents opened a conversation with teachers and group leaders at our preschool!  Thank you!!”

    One of Those Magical, Special People

    “As a patient of Dr. Cohen’s going on eight years now, it is not hyperbolic to say that she has ushered a major (and lasting) shift in my life’s trajectory. Our work together has yielded an agency in me which has opened up a lot of doors in the world- generally making things easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding. I have learned to embrace the complexities in myself and in others with increased empathy and patience; to be a better listener internally and externally. As a result of this continued practice, I feel that I am a more present, more fully-realized man and all around better human being. Dr. Cohen’s dedication to her craft is matched with a deep humanism and generosity that still frequently amazes me. She is truly one of those special, magical people I feel lucky to have in my life and to whom I will always feel indebted for the gift she has given me: helping me live more closely to my authentic self.”

    Deep Inspiration To Me

    “Elizabeth Cohen is an open-hearted woman living a life that heals herself and others. She is a deep inspiration to me, a compass compatible with my own insistent wisdom of what an embodied life is. “

    Support and Guidance During Stressful Transition in My Life

    “Dr. Cohen provided me with support and guidance during stressful transitions in my life. Dr. Cohen helped me to manage my feelings of anxiety and gain confidence in myself. By using Cognitive Behavioral techniques in addition to mindfulness techniques that Dr. Cohen taught me, I became aware of how my body was reacting to the negative thoughts I was having and learned how to cope during times of stress.“

    I Leave Each Session Feeling Not As Alone

    “I have been a client of Dr. Cohen’s for over 8 years now and we have developed a close working relationship in that time. Throughout these years I have discussed dilemmas and issues from small to what seemed mountainous and approach these issues systematically. Often I will find the biggest issues I face are not as monstrous as I thought or I will discover the underlying issues of the seemingly small problems. I think what has been most helpful for me is practicing nonjudgmental observation of myself, which helps me better understand the mechanics of my personality and behavior. This self-awareness has helped me become more confident in my ability to recognize and approach issues that I face, celebrate the times that I succeed, and persist during the times that I do not. Though therapy can be difficult and solutions are not necessarily immediately found, I leave each session feeling not as alone with my problem. I leave knowing I have a plan in place and someone is there to support and guide me. Thank you Dr. Cohen!”

    Huge Weight Off My Chest

    “Thank you for lifting this huge weight from my chest! I walked around for a couple of hours just breathing deeply from my belly! It was just happening – I wasn’t forcing it! I guess that’s what my body wanted! My mind is a little quieter! This happened to me once before after 1.5hr of body work! You did it with one sentence from across the room! Amazing! I feel lighter, happier and have enjoyed the daily tasks I had to perform (or at least not dreaded and hated them). I have regained some of my compassion! I feel I can handle more! Thank you! You have no idea what a difference you can make in someone’s life! I wish I had scheduled this appointment weeks ago!”

    She Is Always There

    “Dr. Cohen has helped me view my mental health, not as a problem I can solve overnight but a challenge I can and should take on holistically. Through her treatment, I’ve been able to come to my own conclusions, at which point Dr. Cohen works with me to set appropriate goals and paths to follow to better my mental health.  Dr. Cohen’s balance of candor and professionalism makes for such a productive patient-doctor relationship that can and does foster growth. And by making herself available through multiple platforms such as FaceTime, email, and text message, Dr. Cohen shows that therapy isn’t confined to hour-long office sessions and that she’s always there. “

    Deep Wisdom, Gentle Encouragement, And Infinite Compassion

    “When I first met Dr. Cohen, I was a young woman adrift. I was stuck in an abusive relationship, working in an industry I hated, and living with neither self-compassion nor a sense of purpose. Her presence in my life has been transformative. Guided by her deep wisdom, her gentle encouragement, and her infinite compassion, I opened my heart to the man who is now my husband, I found the courage to pursue the career I’d dreamt of since childhood, and perhaps most incredibly, I began to feel comfortable in my own skin. Later, Dr. Cohen supported me through healing from my son’s traumatic birth so that I was able to have a second baby, something I’m not sure I would have otherwise found the strength to do. Working with her has been, and continues to be, an incomparable gift.”

    Completely And Utterly Changed My Life

    “I was a severely anxious child when I met Dr. Cohen at 11 years old. I had been born anxious and got worse by the year – it dominated my life. I had no social skills, I couldn’t leave my parents, I went to the school nurse every single day, I was scared of anything new or different and I had constant panic attacks. My parents were considering medication. I worked with Dr. Cohen and he taught me life skills and how to depend on myself to get through this. Now, I am a fully functioning adult with almost zero outward signs of anxiety. I had a normal high school experience, I went to college, I’ve traveled to different parts of the world and I constantly go out of my comfort zone and face my fears. I’ve been living with Dr. Cohen’s teachings for almost two decades now. With no exaggeration, she completely and utterly changed my life – and this was her first years of practice. I can’t even imagine the good she does for people now. “

    Incredibly Intelligent, Warm, Non-Judgmental

    “I am proud to say that Dr. Cohen is my therapist. She is an incredibly important part of my support network and has helped me navigate through messy mental health days and rocky personal and professional relationships. Because of her, I have gained many positive insights about my behaviors as well as ideas and tools to practice so that I can become the person I want to be. Dr. Cohen has a unique, modern approach to therapy as talking with her feels like talking to an incredibly intelligent, warm, non-judgmental friend with only my best interests at heart (and years of training in the field of psychology). Additionally, she is highly tech-savvy which is how I am able to continue working with her even after moving out of NY. I have and will continue to recommend her to my close friends, family, and anyone else who wants to find clarity in their lives.”

    The Amount of Change I Have Made is Mind-blowing!

    “The amount of change I have made is mind-blowing. I was in therapy for years and I never made these kind of changes I made with Dr Cohen and Associates. I am not the only one who notices I am  calmer. My co-worker came over to me and said I seemed totally different!  They were right!“

    Graceful and Kind

    “Today, leaving your office, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of thanks and luck that I have you as my therapist- a person, professional, friend, and mentor who consistently opens my mind and supports my increased awareness of my privilege, with such grace and kindness. I feel very lucky. So thank you :)“

    This is Magnificent!

    “Liz, this is magnificent! What a demonstration of using your training for immediate application as a resource. You are an exemplar of using your experience to teach and help others. I am so lifted up by your experience and how you have now shared it with us. This is the essence of who you are and the work that you serve forward in the world.”

    Literally the Best

    “She is literally the best! She has changed my life! I am forever grateful to have met Dr. Cohen.“

    Flexible with scheduling, always on time, email reminders for appointments!

    “I’ve seen Dr. Cohen for weekly CBT therapy appointments for almost a year. I could not recommend her office more highly. They are always on top of things and professional (flexible with scheduling, running on time, automatic reminder emails for appointments, prompt and clear billing system). Personally, Dr. Cohen is an amazing therapist who has really helped me understand and accept my anxieties instead of allowing them to overtake me. I’m so grateful for Dr. Cohen’s help and support because it has made a huge impact on my mental health and on my life in general.”

    Always leave feeling refreshed and significantly calmer!

    “I love all my sessions with Dr. Cohen. She provides such great tools for dealing with so many various issues and I always leave feeling refreshed and significantly calmer than when I walked in. I find her ability to really understand stress and anxiety and provide tailored and personalized mechanisms to deal with issues so impressive. She is consistent and a great listener. She has such a calming way about her and is simultaneously able to keep a patient grounded and in reality.“