Divorce Whisperer Dr. Elizabeth Cohen talks to Tamron Hall about divorce and how it can consume you in if you’re not prepared.

Feeling Anxious in New York City?

Are you looking for a caring, thoughtful and smart therapist who can teach you tools to navigate a difficult situation and challenging feelings?

Going Through a Divorce?

Do you want to approach your divorce with the same optimism you would feel on the first day of your dream vacation? Do you want to feel as confident as a 3 time olympic gold winner that you can make it through your divorce with ease? Do you want to feel the security of a baby snuggled up in bed for the night that you can hang out with your ex without losing it?

Do you feel overcome by anxiety? Do you have trouble making decisions? Are you often worried about the other shoe dropping?  Do you get easily overwhelmed by stress?  Do you struggle finding and maintaining relationships?

If so, would you like tools and strategies to help your daily experience go more smoothly?

Would you like a personalized plan for how to handle your specific areas of anxiety, stress or strong emotions?

Then you have landed in the right place.

I Am Elizabeth Cohen.

I am a clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience specializing in Cognitive Behavioral treatment for adults, adolescents and children.  I believe deeply that we all matter and have the ability to heal, grow and create the life we most desire.



Elizabeth has shared her wisdom in numerous publications. She has a gift for translating the struggle and pain of self growth to all.  Check out these articles where Dr. Cohen is interviewed about her work:


How I Set An Amicable Tone in My Divorce

“Amicable” is not a word that many divorcees use to describe their divorce processes. However, Jessica Klingbaum has gone through not just one, but two divorces that both ended amicably on good terms. So, how did she do it?


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