From The Army To Pastry Chef: My Divorce Transformation


Sometimes, healing after a divorce can feel impossible. For many women, marriage was presented to us as the fulfillment of all of our hopes, dreams, desires, and personhood. Our guest this week, Martha Bodyfelt, shares that when she got married, she had this picture of herself and her husband as a “power couple” who were going to grow old gracefully together. But, when cracks started to appear and divorce became necessary, she shared that she felt as if her entire identity and sense of self crumbled like a cookie.

To move forward, she had to get curious and start asking herself questions about what she liked, what she wanted, and what made her feel alive. This sense of curiosity led her to discover a love for pastry cooking and start to dream about a future that could be beautiful and full–even without a husband. Since her own journey of discovery, she has helped countless other women find freedom from the feeling of being stuck in a marriage fantasy and move into a place of self-discovery, connection to self, and purpose after divorce.

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Martha Bodyfelt is a certified divorce recovery coach who teaches divorced women how to break free from the patterns that keep them stuck so they can feel fulfilled, have more fun, and live fearlessly. In the past 5 years, she has professionally coached over 100 women using the LionHeart Method, a no-BS, empowering solution that helps women recover from divorce pain and thrive in a matter of weeks, not years. Martha has also served as a divorce expert contributor to the Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Psychology Today, and Thrive Global, where her advice has impacted over 10 million divorced women.

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