All My Friends Were Getting Married When I Was Getting Divorced


What is the hardest part about divorce?
For Alexandra Eva-May, it was dealing with feelings of shame and self-worth. After the divorce, it became learning how to live alone and foster a sense of independence. Knowing that her story could benefit others going through a complicated and traumatic divorce, she wrote Her Awakening: One Woman’s Journey to Healing After Divorce, available on Amazon. Alexandra didn’t stop there, however. You can find her on her podcast Heal and Thrive After Heartbreak as well as on Instagram.

Alexandra believes that despite the trauma divorce can bring, it will eventually become something greater if you just have hope. She went from feeling worthless to realizing that she can survive hard things, and that the view from the other side is beautiful.

She is determined to help others in their path to healing from divorce, despite what the inner voice says about being ‘too young,’ ‘too invested,’ or ‘too broken.’



Alexandra Eva-May is a writer, blogger, motivational speaker, mental health advocate, and divorcée who is on a mission to help others on their healing journey after divorce. You can often find her on her blog or Instagram, sharing how she healed from her own split. She is in constant pursuit of peace, light, and happiness and works to motivate others to seek the same.

Alexandra has so many other helpful tips and stories she shared during our episode together.

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