My Health Depended On Whether I Left My Marriage


On this episode of The Divorce Doctor, Elizabeth Cohen talks with Stella Papadopoulos who shares her dedication to helping women start their second life after divorce. Like many women, when Stella initiated her divorce at the age of 60, she felt stuck and was not sure where she should turn. Using lessons that she has learned from her successful career across a variety of industries, as well as her own experiences with divorce, Stella guides women through this challenging process and shines light on the promise of a happy, successful future.

You can learn more about Stella and get your free copy of “5 Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce and Conquering 5 Limiting Beliefs” by visiting her website at And check out her YouTube channel here. Stella also has a book! “I’m Getting Divorced Where Do I Start?” is available on Amazon.



Stella Papadopoulos is an artist, writer, and author of I’m Getting Divorced Where Do I Start? After her late-life divorce, she had to change her vision of the future, and those new beginnings taught her so much about women empowerment. This became the springboard for her best, most awesome life yet – it’s never too late and you’re not too old to follow your bliss!

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