This Is What Your Kids Are Thinking: A Divorced Kid Shares Her Thoughts


On this episode of The Divorce Doctor, Elizabeth Cohen talks with Bella Duncan who shares what it is like to be a kid with two homes. She shares what it has been like to go through nineteen years with divorced parents. Her challenges have inspired her to write about her story.

Bella uses her experiences to ignite her passion to speak up about what she has been through. She believes that by speaking up and writing, she can help teach others how to cope with the divorce, how to be a supportive friend, and how to communicate.



Motivated by putting her words into actions, Bella is an empowered kid of divorce who is determined to make change for the better. Currently 22 and studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Psychology, “A Kid With Two Homes” is Bella’s attempt to fill the gap of resources available to kids experiencing divorce, separation, or family conflict.

Her posts on her blog share the experiences she has dealt with. Many are the struggles of conflict, handling holidays with two homes, and navigating how society deals with divorced children. In her well written words, she often validates feelings of children of divorced parents and shares her experience with forgiveness. Bella’s words, whether written or spoken, have brought hope, encouragement, and truth to those who are also known as a “kid with two homes.”

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