My Marriage Was All I Thought I Could Get Because of My Cystic Fibrosis


Gabby Gast found herself in a marriage that wore her down. Her ex made her believe that no one would love her like he would because of her cystic fibrosis. Over the years, Gabby outlived her life expectancy and they expanded their family by adopting two beautiful children. Gabby continued to build a career for herself; this allowed her to focus on the beautiful parts of life and less about her marriage.

It wasn’t until a holiday trip that Gabby was able to see all the aspects of her marriage and the abusive tendencies her ex displayed. With her children in mind, Gabby knew it was in everyone’s best interests to end the marriage.

Now Gabby works as a co-parenting and blended family coach, where she dedicates her energy to ensuring that families can still be connected even after divorce.

Gabby’s story is inspiring and incredibly raw.

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Gabby Gast is a co-parenting and blended family coach. Her purpose is to empower parents to create peace and happiness with their partner, kids, and even their ex without guilt and anxiety attached. Navigating co-parenting and blended families can be extremely painful and overwhelming. Her passion is to walk beside those who are struggling to find a well-balanced relationship with their kids, an amicable relationship with their co-parent, and even a fulfilling relationship with their partner, so they can thrive in a blended family. You absolutely can bounce back from a bad break. She wants every parent she works with to feel loved, adored, and secure in their most cherished relationships, which is exactly how she feels in hers!

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