I Felt Like I Was Walking Into a Dark Room


Attaching our identity to the labels and expectations handed to us, like “good wife” and “loving mom,” can cause us to lose our sense of self. 

It wasn’t until this week’s podcast guest, Brittany Churchill, went through her divorce that she realized just what she had been giving up in her marriage. As Brittany puts it, she was placed on this earth to be Brittany. If she couldn’t actively live into who she was unmistakably made to be, she was denying the very reason she was given life. Though it was hard for her to envision what her future would look like outside of her marriage, she knew it would be harder for her to stay.



Brittany Churchill is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and single mom of two kids with a big heart to help women awaken to their worth and tap into their personal power. While getting divorced, moving states, and going back to work full-time, she wrote her first book called Tap In Not Out: How overwhelmed moms can reclaim peace, cultivate a better life and thrive. She has developed her own TAP IN Method based on her book and divorce healing which she guides women through their inner blueprint to ignite a more fulfilling life.

Learn more about Brittany Churchill by visiting her website at https://www.thebrittanychurchill.com/  and learn more about the TAP IN Method here https://bit.ly/TAPINMethodIntroVideo.

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