Divorce of a Yoga Power Couple


Harmony was living the “dream.” She and her husband met as yoga teachers and were traveling the world exploring their practice together. Once they finally settled down, Harmony began to hear the first whispers that something wasn’t right.

Though she felt unfulfilled in her marriage, separating from her husband would mean jeopardizing their business and her belonging in the yoga community. But eventually that didn’t matter anymore. When she finally admitted she would rather die than live one more day this way, she knew it was time to choose herself.

This week’s podcast guest, Harmony Slater, shows us how courageous it is to step out and choose a life of alignment.



Harmony is one of only a few Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teachers in North America. She is a Certified Wellness and Life Coach, and Host of the Finding Harmony Podcast. She has shared her experiences around practicing yoga through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond in the books Yoga Sadhana for Mothers and Strength and Grace: A collection of Essays by Women of Ashtanga Yoga. She has a wealth of knowledge to offer listeners based on her personal experiences of facing the many difficult challenges life has brought her way.

Connect with Harmony for a free 30 minute coaching session by visiting her website at harmonyslater.com and follow her on instagram @harmonyslateryoga

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