I Lost My Best Friend, But Gained Myself


Are you living in your comfort zone? What would happen if you stepped beyond it? It takes courage to be vulnerable, and vulnerability is necessary for transformation. That’s why I’m so excited to have Jennifer Ciplet as my guest this week to talk about how her divorce journey has shown her what it means to truly be herself and allowed her to lead a life of authenticity. That can be your story, too.

Jenn is interested in the personal and societal transformations that are possible when we step out of our comfort zones, approach life with courage and curiosity, and lead with our best selves forward. She is a Certified Divorce Coach and the co-founder of Avail Divorce. After 14 years of marriage with 3 children, Jenn and her husband divorced 3 years ago.



Learn more about Jenn and Avail Divorce by visiting her website at https://availdivorce.com

Jenn and her team at Avail are getting ready to release a new Co-Parenting App that helps modern families stay organized and on the same page with tools like in-app communication, shared expense tracking, photos, videos, and more! Sign up using the link below today and you’ll be notified when the app becomes available. https://availdivorce.com/co-parenting-app

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