How the First Divorce Reporter Was Created


Were you blindsided by your ex-partner? This week’s podcast guest, Ilyssa Panitz discovered through a friend that her partner was on a dating app while they were married. The pain and betrayal she felt has ultimately fueled her desire to help others navigating divorce.

Ilyssa Panitz decided to create and become the first Divorce Journalist by combining her personal experience with divorce with her professional background.

Ilyssa was not only frustrated by the process but noticed no one else in her profession was covering “divorce” on a daily basis the way they do: politics, business, medical, entertainment, sports & weather. So Ilyssa decided to start a column that would cover every and any angle of “divorce” to help people survive and thrive from what can be a difficult time: emotionally, mentally & financially. Since its inception in September 2020, Ilyssa’s work has expanded to a nationally syndicated radio show called, “The Divorce Hour with Ilyssa Panitz” that can be heard every Saturday on CRN Digital Talk Radio, Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts.



Learn more about Ilyssa Panitz by visiting her website at
You can also find her on Instagram @ilyssapanitz and on her radio show that airs every Saturday at 1pm ET/ 10am PT

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