Divorce Birthed The Authentic Me


Did you hear a small voice whisper to you that you shouldn’t marry the person you married? It’s easy to ignore our intuition. But when we do, it can lead to so much anger and resentment. We knew better, but now here we are. 

This week’s podcast guest, Tonya Carter, shares about the anger and powerlessness she felt immediately after her divorce. It wasn’t until she decided to take back her power and rewrite the narrative that she found her purpose and fulfillment in life. According to Tonya, too often we put periods where only commas belong. 



Tonya Carter is an author, speaker & Relationship Transformation Coach. Her specialty is helping women navigate through the process of uncoupling by providing ‎support, advice, resources and tools that will help mitigate interruptions in their business, work ‎performance and household obligations. ‎

She has written a book titled Divorce Your Story: A Woman’s Guide to Heal & Thrive after Divorce and ‎also facilitates a 12 week Masterclass that walks women through the process of overcoming divorce ‎and healing.‎

She also has a podcast called The Reinvent U Podcast, which focuses on mindset, emotions, finances, ‎health, faith, love, parenting and building meaningful relationships where she helps others become the best version of themselves ‎in their personal lives, families and professional environment. ‎

Tonya is from Atlanta where she resides with her two children.

Learn more about Tonya Carter by visiting her website https://www.tonyacarter.com/, and download your free copy of 7 Ways to Recover.

Find Tonya Carter on social media at the links below!

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