The Emotional Affair That Got Me To Leave


This week on The Divorce Doctor Podcast, I interviewed Michele Traina. After marrying the person from her first long-term relationship, Michele knew it wasn’t going to last. As a performer, she felt more of a rush during her on-stage appearances rather than on her wedding day.

Michele shares how her attraction to a coworker pushed her to look inward and discover what she wanted from intimate relationships. From that point, Michele knew divorce was the best course of action. Her fearlessness brought her to a life of creative fulfillment and peace with her ex.

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MEET Michele Traina

Michele Traina is a comedian, writer, and creator of Divorce Diaries, a one-woman comedy show that follows her post-divorce journey. Michele has toured throughout the country with Divorce Diaries, and has made guest appearances on Wendy Williams and with Chippendales. Her favorite role is being mommy to her daughter Grace.

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