I Am More Than My Divorce Experience


While most divorces will have a catalyst event that leads to the divorce, such as addiction or infidelity, Kiki had a different experience. For some, divorce happens from within. We don’t hear from them often, but we should. Kiki’s divorce came when she and her ex-husband realized that they loved each other but were also growing apart.

This week on The Divorce Doctor Podcast, I interviewed Kiki Orr, a novice blogger and host of Just Bloom, a podcast that reminds all of us it’s never too late to find happiness. Kiki’s divorce allowed her to bloom into a new woman, one that refuses to settle and finds validation in her heart.

Learn more about Kiki by visiting her website at https://www.kikiorr.com/



Kiki Orr Is a 49-year-old single mom of two young-adult daughters and one still in her teens. After working her way up the corporate ladder to become a respected human resources professional in the financial technology field, Kiki forged a name for herself as a speaker and storyteller sharing the narrative of her personal journey, from Welfare to Wall Street.

She is a blogger and podcaster who believes that it’s never too late to live the life you want. In fact, that’s the premise of KiKi’s podcast, Just Bloom. Having recently lost her mom to colon cancer, Kiki begins the new season of Just Bloom experiencing life through the lens of loss. “It’s clearer now than ever before,” Kiki says, “that I created this podcast to connect with others… to engage with a community of women who — whether in their first season or their fiftieth — are willing to explore what it means to just bloom.“

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