Teachable Moments Come From Divorce


“You’re stronger than you believe and you’re worth it.”

If you’ve kept up with The Divorce Doctor, you’ll know that I often ask my guests what they would say to their pre-divorced self if they could go back and tell them something. I’m so often inspired by the responses I get, including this one listed above. So many of us feel powerless once we realize we need to end our marriage. But no matter what, you have the strength to get through it. You have power, you’re worth it, and again, you will get through it.

Catherine Shanahan is the co-founder of My Divorce Solution. She is an experienced certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) and legal liaison committed to ensuring no one divorces without the opportunity of financial clarity.

On this episode of The Divorce Doctor, Catherine and I go over the empowering lessons she’s learned through her divorce, and how it inspires the work she does today. I’m so grateful to have had her as a guest on the show and thoroughly enjoyed our talk!

Learn more about Catherine by visiting her website at https://mydivorcesolution.com/


MEET Catherine Shanahan

At age 18, she was the first one in her family to leave home to attend college. By age 23, she was the top producing female financial advisor in the Philadelphia area. And at age 27, she walked away from it all to become a full-time mom to three step-children and eventually two of her own while her husband rose to the top of his career. The next 23 years brought much joy watching her children flourish into young adults, but the verbal abuse she received from her partner during that time restrained her from reaching the true happiness she deserved. At 44, she decided it was time for her to reclaim her future and filed for divorce.

With hopes of a fresh start and a desire to help others through the divorce process, Catherine co-founded My Divorce Solution, a company whose mission is to transform an experience she knew far too well from a difficult one into an empowering one. As a trained certified divorce financial analyst, a mediator, and daily money manager, Catherine stands strong by her commitment to ensure no women allows divorce to define who they are. She is excited her share her own experience with divorce, the lessons she’s learned from the brave women she’s surrounded by, and why she’s more inspired than ever for women single, married, and everything in-between.

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