When Drinking Stops Being Fun


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Caitlin Padgett, author of Drink Less Be More: How to Have a Great Night (and Life!) Without Getting Wasted, on the Divorce Doctor Podcast. Caitlin is a transformational life coach for women who struggle with alcohol. Her combined expertise in psychology, nutrition, fitness, harm reduction, and holistic health have helped to craft her unconventional approach, called “Redefining Sobriety.”

In our interview, we discussed Caitlin’s journey through her divorce, her struggles with alcohol and other substances, and how she learned to love herself through it all.


MEET Caitlin Padgett

Caitlin Padgett is the author of Drink Less Be More: How to have a great night (and life) without getting wasted and transformational coach for successful women who struggle with alcohol.

At 29 years old, Caitlin’s work-hard / play-hard lifestyle started taking its toll. Thirsty for alternatives to mainstream treatment, Caitlin combined her background in psychology, nutrition, fitness, harm reduction and holistic health to craft an unconventional approach called Redefining Sobriety. This led to an ultimate journey of radical self-love, embracing and healing pain, showing up more fully in life and love, and finding freedom on her own terms… which guided her to launch a new program and approach to life: Embrace & Elevate.

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