Making Your Divorce A Pick Your Own Adventure Book


Many of us dream of the perfect, harmonious relationship. Each person is there to support one another equally, help each other become the best versions of themselves, and maintaining the relationship feels effortless. Sometimes we want this kind of relationship so badly, that when our gut is telling us something’s off we ignore it in the hope that we’re in the wrong. Although listening to that gut feeling may be terrifying, it can also be extremely freeing.

Jessica Butts and I discussed the euphoria of finding yourself again on this episode of The Divorce Doctor Podcast. Jessica is the creator and CEO of Front Seat Life. She’s a Myers-Briggs expert, a life business coach for intuitive women, a therapist, author, keynote speaker, podcaster, and she brings so much love and heart to everything she does. She is an ENFJ, truth teller, F-bomb dropper, a lover of all things Maui, and fiercely dedicated to helping you become unapologetically who you are.

In this episode, Jessica and I discuss her sense of freedom as a result of her divorce, and the experience of restoring her individuality.


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Jessica is the Creator/CEO of Front Seat Life, Myers-Briggs Expert, Life/Business Coach for Intuitive Women, Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster and Former Psychotherapist. She is an ENFJ, truth teller, F bomb dropper, lover of all things Maui and fiercely dedicated to helping you be unapologetically who you are.

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