Judy Gold: It’s No Joke, Just Ask an Emmy Winning Comedian How She Finds the Humor in Her Divorce


Dr. Cohen talks to Judy Gold about her divorce, laughing their way through the topic. They shared the hurts, the pain, the struggle. They also discuss how she became an even better person and what she learned about herself along the way.



Two-time ‘Emmy Award’ winner Judy Gold is a veteran of stand-up comedy, known for her edgy wit, sharp timing, and infamous crowd work. Consistently appealing to all generations and backgrounds, Judy can be found throughout most mediums of entertainment: TV; Film; Web-Series’; Stage; Storytelling; Radio/Podcasting; Writing and thanks to her music degree in piano from Rutgers University – Music:Combining many of her talents into two critically acclaimed Off-Broadway solo-shows: The Judy Show – My Life As A Sitcom and 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother. Off-Broadway: Clinton the Musical; Love, Loss and What I Wore; Disaster! the Musical; The Vagina Monologues; and most recently, Clinton the Musical at New World Stages.

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