Dr. Shefali: How to Release Our Myths About Marriage and Divorce Mindfully


I was curious how the woman who Oprah describes her work as revolutionary and groundbreaking would explore her experience of divorce. I was thrilled to interview Dr. Shefali.

The institution of marriage is pretty strange when you think about it. We’re encouraged at a young age to commit to another person through a government issued contract for the rest of our lives, and if we decide we change our minds it’s difficult and taboo to leave. There doesn’t seem to be any other lifetime commitment with similar “rules,” so why is it this way with a marriage?

Dr. Shefali and I recently discussed this phenomenon on the Divorce Doctor Podcast. Dr. Shefali is a New York Times bestselling author and wisdom teacher, helping women transform their lives through mindful living.

In the interview, Dr. Shefali and I discuss how society pressures women into maintaining a perfect image, which is harmful for everyone involved. Dr. Shefali believes that divorce can be a wonderful opportunity for women to defy societal expectations and take charge of their own growth.



Oprah has endorsed her work as revolutionary and life-changing. Dr. Shefali’s ground-breaking approach to mindful living and parenting has taken her books to the top of the NY Times best-sellers list. Her blend of clinical psychology and eastern mindfulness sets her apart as a leader in the field of mindfulness psychology.

As an international speaker, she speaks at events around the globe, spreading her message of conscious parenting and mindful living. She also has a private practice where she consults with families and couples.

Learn more about Dr. Shefali on her website dr.shefali.com.

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