It’s Here!  The Divorce Doctor Podcast Launch


It’s finally here! Join host Dr. Elizabeth Cohen as she talks with experts in the area of relationships, divorce, and marriage, and all the complicated beauty that comes along with it. With guests like author Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City) and renowned speaker Dr. Shefali (as seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network and Good Morning America), The Divorce Doctor shares that much-needed wisdom for thriving through relationship and self, no matter where you are in life.

“Divorce can be so isolating. Your friends and family might not understand what you are going through. But, you are not alone and divorce is NOT a failure. On this podcast I speak to real people who have gone through divorce and thrived through it. We talk about the struggles and the successes. We explore how the pain of divorce brought my guests realizations about themselves and their situation they never would have had without this experience. I can’t tell you how many clients have shared that being reminded they are not alone allowed them to get up in the morning and keep on keeping on. With my 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist working with people going through divorce I know the ins and outs of divorce. I am thrilled you are here and are ready to get the support you so deeply deserve.”

-Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, The Divorce Doctor

Listen in for more info about the podcast, and be sure to join us TOMORROW, February 5, for our first episode featuring Candace Bushnell, author and creator of Sex in the City!


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